Terms of Sale


CTA Critides Technical Associates terms of sale apply to all orders .The following standard terms and conditions apply to all orders entered with CTA Critides Technical Associates, div. of Research Projects Inc.

CTA does not accept and specifically does not acknowledge or agree to any terms on customer purchase orders that are in conflict with, or in addition to, the following terms and conditions. We obviously reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time at our sole discretion.

In addition, Watlow Factory policy terms of sale apply . As authorized Watlow distributors we /CTA do adhere to these policies as well. For more info , please contact us at: [email protected] or call 201 868-4300.

Order Entry:
Order entry on our CTA Critides Technical Associates webstore:

You may order 4 different ways:

here on-line through this CTA website/ webstore
you can call us toll free at: 1800 333-5596 .
you can FAX your order to our fax 201-854-0781 .
pls call us after faxing to ensure that your fax was received.
Email us your order- if you don't see what you need on this webstore
​pls email us at: [email protected] and we will process your order.

If you are ordering for the first time, and don't already have a part# to order, then please call us at :1800-333-5596 for application assistance or for more products and selections. CTA salespeople are here to help. We can assist you in selecting the best products suited for your application.

Existing customers placing an order (thanks for your continued business)
existing customers are customers who have actively placed orders with CTA in the past 2 years and have not had a change in corp. structure-simply place your order online !- or if you don't see the item(s) that you need or need technical assistance , please call us.

We strive to enter every order the same day it is received. There are situations when the factory 's site is down or other issues which may prevent this, however, each order is processed as quickly as possible and we strive to get the fastest delivery time available to you.Some products have longer factory delivery times than others.

CTA will acknowledge each order and give the est. factory ship date.If you have an order that needs express/ air shipping, please call us /CTAto let us know. CTA knows everyone needs their heaters/ controls as soon as possible, and we make every effort to get the web orders and all orders processed same day( provided order is placed before 200 pm ) .Some other factors may delay orders , such as factory delays, long lead times, courier/fedex/ups delays, etc. CTA is not responsible for delays.

New Customers: CTA welcomes new customers and returning customers

You may place your order with credit card on USA bank acct.

However, if you are a new customer to CTA, we kindly request that you complete our credit card form / which will require a signature to keep on file.In addition, any order placed with credit card should be considered a firm orderand the goods are not returnable and sale is not cancellable after order placement if you wish to cancel an order, it must be done same day, as the orders will be processed and factories do not allow cancellations after order placement , therefore CTA cannot allow cancellation- nor chargebacks.

If a product fails after it is received by the customer, an evaluation by the factory must be done to find the cause . Factory warranty applies and refund/ replacement only after factory determines it is a factory default and not due to misuse, inappropriate application, etc..

Payment Terms:
VISA, MASTER CARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS are accepted. checks maybe accepted contact us to find out more.

If you wish to pay net 30 days, this is possible if you are on net 30 days and are existing customer, then kindly email us or call us at CTA , rather than selecting credit card option. Again, we specifically take exception to and do not acknowledge any other terms stated on a customer’s purchase order or in any communication. In all cases, orders are accepted from customers and entered subject only to the terms and conditions herein.

Minimum Billing/Min. Order
CTACritides Technical Associates has a minimum order requirement is $100.00for standard, in-stock merchandise. However, if you need to order for less, then please contact us at CTA.

CTA is a distributor for many manufacturers - pls see our full line card on this websiteCertain products which are not stock /standard product offering may have higher minimum order requirements due to factory requirements on special and specially manufactured products.

Our min order policy will remain consistent with the minimum order requirement placed upon us by the manufacturer of those non-stock products.

Freight Terms:

FREE Shipping only to all areas in USA , continental USA only. EXCEPTIONS MAY APPLY - such as increases/or changes by UPS or Fedex or other possible exceptions such as if too large or oversized or too heavy for standard ground.

UPS or Fedex, and needs to go truck, then freight charges will be advised at time of order placement. You may request shipping via Air, with UPS, Fedex or DHL, orFedex freight, or UPS intl, etc.

Please call us at : 1800-333-5596 for assistance if you are requesting other than standard ground.

​Customers located, or drop shipping, outside of the 48 continental United States are responsible for any duties, taxes and fees associated with the shipment. Please note that such charges may not be available for billing at the time of shipment.

If shipping outside the USA , we /CTA will bill the customer for actual charges when we are notified of those exact costs. CTA reserves the right to charge a handling fee for special packaging or unusually complicated and time-consuming paperwork associated with overseas shipments. However, the customer will always be notified of the amount of the handling fee prior to any chargeable work being performed.

It is best also to work with a freight forwarder , we can assist in getting you one if need be.

Prices are listed are subject to change and availability.

We /CTA endeavor to keep pricing per the site, and to discount as well as possible.
Due to manufacturer price changes, any prices shown in any of our publications or on the internet are subject to change at any time. In all cases we will attempt to update our pricing as soon as possible to avoid any confusion or delays in processing customer orders.

Sales Tax: CTA Critides Technical Associates is required to charge NJ State Sales Taxin accordance with State of NJ Sales tax laws.This means that all goods and services shipping to customers located in State of NJ are required to pay tax, and CTA will charge the NJ State Sales Tax.

If the goods are shipping outside of NJ, and that state requires that we charge salestax, then please notify us CTA right away when placing the order. Please call us to follow up.

TAX EXEMPT CUSTOMERS: this requires an ST3 or ST4 resale , tax exempt certificatefrom the State of NJ.

Customers with a valid tax-exempt certificate in the state of NJ must indicate so at the time of every order and submit that certificate with their initial application for credit or initial credit card order.Please provide us with your tax exempt certificate # at time of order placement and call us at: 201 868-4300 if you have any questions.

Order Cancellations:
Many factories charge cancellation charges, and some do not allow cancellations. Once an order is placed by you, it is placed by CTA with the factory.

If an order cancellation becomes necessary, please call us immediately. If the order in question represents only stock product that has not been "picked" to ship at the time of cancellation, there will be no cancellation charge provided that the factory allows cancellation. Some products while stock options have slight modifications and therefore the factory does not accept the cancellation- especially since materials or work often begins same day that an order is placed.

We will make every effort to have non-stock items ordered from a manufacturer canceled at minimal expense. However, cancellation charges beyond our control may be imposed by the manufacturer for which the customer will be responsible.

Orders for custom designed, custom built products can not be canceled or returned once the order is entered with CTA Critides Technical Associates.Exchanges: similar rules apply as cancellations as due to the factory regulations, exchanges constitute a return or cancellation and often are not possible , or in many cases, the factory charges cancellation charges even on exchanges.

CTA recommends that you contact us to make sure that you choose the correct product and that you review carefully the specs/dimensions and features of that product. If you are a reseller, please advise your end user/customer of these policies to ensure that they don't cancel with you, as we /CTA have to have these policies which adhere to the factory and manufacturers' policies on returns, exchanges and cancellations per these terms.

Returned Goods:
Should it become necessary to return a product to us CTA Critides Technical please contact us so that we can determine if the factory will allow an RMA to evaluate the product.sometimes questions, and photos are required by the factory.

Kindly call us or email us with the trouble/reason, and please request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from us. CTA cannot accept returned goods unless they have been given an RMA by us after we receive an RMA from the factory.

If the factory provides an RMA and gives permission for a return , the product must be returned in new /good condition, and in the original box it was sent it , such as a control comes in small box with the product part# printed on it.

Originally stock products returned in un-opened, resalable condition will be accepted subject to a re-stocking charges per the factory usually 20 %, once the factory determines that it is accepted as a return.

Unfortunately, opened or used products may not be returned under any conditions. For all non-stock or custom manufactured products, returns will be subject to acceptance and re-stocking charges imposed by each individual manufacturer.

Credit is issued less restocking charges only after the factory determines that the product is in good condition and issues credit. No charge backs on credit cards are acceptable since a credit will be given after the evaluation. The goods must be paid for on credit card, and then evaluated by factory and then credit is issued to the credit card after factory determines it is in good condition.

Defective Merchandise Procedure:

Please take all cautionary measures when using heaters and sensors and controls.

All products are for industrial use, and it is important to read the operating manual or cd that comes with the product. If no cd or instructions are present, then please contact us CTA for these instructions.

A licensed electrician should handle the installation of heaters and controls.

When you first receive your product, kindly examine it after opening the box to ensure that it is in good condition- EVEN IF YOU DON'T INTEND TO USE UNTIL LATER ON. Please inspect all merchandise upon receipt. If a customer believes a product to be defective, a claim must be made to the customer service department within 30 days of receipt of product. If the box is damaged upon delivery , please report this immediately as we would have to notify the freight company right away.

Please take a photo of the box if damaged .If the product does not operate or seems defective, then please contact us right away.


We will attempt to ascertain the source of the defect and take immediate steps to alleviate the inconvenience to the customer. Factory warranties require that the product be evaluated before being replaced or repaired, however, in some cases, we can speed this process up depending on the product and the factory 's regulations.

In most cases, the normal procedure is to return the product to CTACritides Technical Associates who will return it to the appropriate manufacturer for evaluation, repair or replacement. In all cases, the manufacturer’s warranty will govern the disposition of the product.

Should no defect be found, the customer may be responsible for any evaluation fees and freight associated with the return transaction. If the factory determines upon evaluation that the product was used improperly and not a factory defect , then no credit will be issued as the factory will not issue credit.

If the customer desires a replacement product immediately, the customer may place a new, distinctly separate order for the replacement part. Upon return of the defective part, CTA Critides Technical at our discretion or the discretion of the factory manufacturer will either repair or replace the defective unit or issue a merchandise credit equal to the amount of the initial invoice less any freight and handling charges.

We strive to help every customer get the correct product and we will make every attempt to handle a return transaction as quickly as possible and to help get the new or repaired unit to the customer quickly . If credit is due to customer as determined by factory evaluation we /CTA will issue credit to the customer as soon as we receive the credit advise from the manufacturer provided that the product has been paid for and credit determined by factory.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible products and customer service.

CTA does adhere to factory warranty policies.

SPECIAL NOTICE REGARDING HEATER PRODUCTS: Heaters are intended for Industrial Use.

For safety reasons, please read the users manuals and follow all code laws when dealing with electricity and these products. Installations should be handled by licensed electricians.

Controls should be used with all heaters- we can assist you by helping you select a sensor and temperature control as well as power controls In addition, when dealing with immersion heaters, level controls are strongly recommended.

Most heater products are custom assembled by the factory for each customer. Even controls and sensors require assembly in many cases. Even stock heaters are generally modified with lead wires or other design issues that make such products non-returnable once received by the customer.

Therefore, all heaters purchased from CTA are non-returnable unless they are deemed defective by the manufacturer following a proper return and evaluation as described above. In such a case, the manufacturer’s standard policies or warranties shall govern the solution to the problem.

Please note that although CTA will attempt to ship stock heaters in the exact quantity specified on a customer’s order sometimes, however, in the manufacturing of non-stock heaters, it is necessary to allow for losses in production. For this reason, we reserve the right to ship as stated below:

1-5No Variation
6-10+/- 1 unit
11-25+/- 2 units
26-50+/- 4 units
51-80+/- 6 units
81-99+/- 8 units
100++/- 5% of order

This may vary slightly according to the factory/manufacturer.

Therefore, we urge our customers to be aware that large quantity orders may be over-shipped or under-shipped according to the chart above. Over and under shipments are billed at the original purchase price for the final quantity shipped.

We take every reasonable precaution to prevent damage-in-transit. Should you discover such damage, please make a claim to the carrier as soon as possible. We strongly urge you to photograph and document the exterior of the shipping container for your use in making a claim to the carrier.

Also, contact us immediately to report a damaged package as UPS and FEDEX and all carriers require an immediate notification- please instruct your receiving dock personnel to report damage also to the driver as well.

Quantity Discrepancies/incorrect items received:
if you receive the incorrect items, or the incorrect quantity and it is not due to variation in heater quantity, then please contact us right away to report this.

Warranty and Disclaimer:

CTA Critides Technical Associates is an authorized Distributor of many products,and we CTA do not manufacture any products.

All of our products are warranted by their respective manufacturers and we extend those warranties to our customers only to the extent that we are permitted to by the manufacturer. We therefore can make no express warranties whatsoever. All products are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" and subject solely to the manufacturer’s warranties and conditions of sale.

CTA Critides Technical Associates, div of Research Projects Inc. makes no representation of any kind, express or implied, with respect to any product, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for any particular purpose, and we hereby disclaim any such warranties.

CTA Critides Technical Associates, div. of Research Projects Inc. will specifically not be liable, under any legal definition, for incidental, consequential, punitive or similar damages resulting from the performance of, use of or in connection with any product supplied by CTA Critides Technical Associates including non-conforming or defective products. In all cases, for all products, the manufacturer’s product warranty as it extends, and if it extends, to our customer, shall be the only warranty available to our customers.

In no event, even if we have been advised of or are aware of the potential for a claim from a third-party(ies), will CTA Critides Technical Associates be liable for any loss of profits, loss of use, or any other loss, incidental or otherwise, related to the performance of, use of or in connection with any product supplied by CTA Critides Technical Associates, including non-conforming or defective products. No employee or agent of CTA Critides Technical Associates has the authority to enter in to any agreement or contract that contains terms and conditions that differ in any way from those found in this document.

As a distributor, offers technical support for the products we sell. However, we are not, in any way, consulting engineers or design engineers. Nor do we have access to the customer's fullscope and spectrum.

Therefore, Our customers are solely responsible for the selection, installation, use and CTA Critides Technical Associates of our products in their equipment or at their location. We strongly urge our customers to seek licensed, competent, professional advice regarding the use of any of our products in their facility or equipment. Our customers are solely responsible for determining and following all local or national code requirements related to the use of products purchased from us CTA Critides Technical Associates.

We expressly disclaim any authority or knowledge with regards to the safe installation and use of our products. Further, we specifically ask that all products be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We strongly recommend and advise that all installations be done with licensed electricians and in accordance with user' manuals. If wiring diagrams are provided, or needed,please review these in accordance with a licensed electrician to determine if the wiring is suitable for your application as even if the wiring is for the heater purchased or the control purchased, extenuating factors may be present at your location which we cannot be aware of nor can we be responsible for any damages, etc.

All such instructions are either shipped with the product or readily available from most manufacturers. CTA will attempt to gather all pertinent information, such as users manuals,etc for our customers if requested at time of purchase but it is the responsibility of the customer to determine if said information is satisfactory with regards to performance, safety, code requirements, etc.

Equipment damage or serious injury could result from a failure to follow the proper installation guidelines or code requirements. Our products should never be used in a hazardous environment (unless labeled accordingly) or in any critical systems in which a product failure could lead to death, personal injury or extreme damage to personal or public property.

CTA is not responsible for any misuse or misapplication of the products.Please adhere to all safety standards imposed by Federal and State Laws to ensure safety and good performance.